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M. Night Shyamalan (born Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan, on August 6, 1970 in Pondicherry, India) is a screen writer and director. He is best known for his work on the movies The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, and The Village.

Hallmarks of Shyamalan's films include unexpected plot twists, realistic treatment of horror or science fiction themes, camera shots taken at unique angles, and a cameo appearance by Shyamalan himself in each film. His movies are also noted for their sharp screen play, effective background score, and film editing. The movie The Sixth Sense, which tells about a boy's interaction with spirits, hardly used computer animation or a loud background score. On each of Shyamalan's DVDs is also a short home movie made when he was a youngster, which are often as humorous as they are intriguing...........[more]

Yönetmenin Son Filmi olan "Lady In The Water" ABD. nin ardından sanırım Eylül ayında Türkiye'de gösterime girecekmiş.
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